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Being a specialized borewell drilling contractor in Bangalore Karnataka, we offer excellent borewell drilling services in and around Bangalore. Our borewell drilling services are preferred by many clients to cater their varied needs of industrial, commercial, agricultural, construction and municipal applications. These machines are available in bench, pillar and gang type, which cover a wide range of operations such as tubewell drilling, Development of tubewell and ground water exploration. Our company is known as well drilling service provider who undertakes all types of boreworks in all types of soil. We have been serving both rural & city clients not only in Bangalore but everywhere in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu.

borewell drilling services in and around BangaloreBorewell Drilling bangalore karnataka

We are experts in drilling 4½" & 6½" borewells with super fast hydraulic rigs with experienced & qualified geologists. The company also has Groundwater Surveyors, who assist the customer in deciding the borewell point; installation of submersible, jet & hand pumps. We have expertise in desalting & cleaning of damaged borewells, earth pits, all types of borewell drilling for domestic & industrial purpose, site chosen by scientific method, compressor hiring and borewell servicing, etc. Widely preferred well drilling contractor by customers operates a vast range of drills from modern table and top drive multipurpose rigs to percussion cable tools, backed with support vehicles and ancillary equipment to cover most phases of borehole drilling.
Our 'Water Experts' ensures that the work is done in less possible time and with impeccable perfection. Our versatile methodology saves your time, energy and money.

We locate waterwell points, undertake drilling of waterwells or borewells and fix up submersible pumps and to help the people by our humble work and extensive knowledge.

We are Specialists in;

  • Quick, fast and cost effecting services
  • Drilling of 4½", 6", 6½",7" & 8" Dia borewells by latest high pressure rigs in all soils
  • Specialist in desilting and cleaning (flushing); Water Yield Testing
  • InWell Compressor Drilling, Manual / Slow Drilling, Rotary Drilling
  • Installation & Erection of submersible / jet / hand pumps with piping fittings
  • High Quality Drilling Bits with exact Dimensions
  • Drilling is done in all soils including clay & sand
  • Water divining success rate is 97% - 99%
  • Consultancy Services for Geographical Services for best results
  • Government Approved Bore well Drilling contractors in Bangalore
  • We have highly experienced DRILLING OPERATORS with good knowledge in twin cities drilling.


Solutions for HARDROCK Drilling, COLLAPSING BOREWELLS and Failure Borewells

We have solutions for HARDROCK Drilling, COLLAPSING BOREWELLS and Failure Borewells. We are specialized in 6 1/2’’and 7’’ dia Borewells drilling with high quality and accurate size and depth.

  • Equipped with IR 415 & IR 427 Ingersoll Rand Compressors.
  • Latest Hydraulic DRILLING RIGS are capable of 1800 ft drilling depth.
  • Highly Skilled Drillers and Operators with more than 15 years Drilling experience in Hyderabad and surroundings.
  • High Quality Drilling Bits with exact Dimensions.
  • Accurate length of Drilling Rods with 15 feet length.
  • High Quality Casing Pipe in 7’’ & 8" dia
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