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Borewell Drilling Bangalore Karnataka

Offering authentic services for borewell drilling, thus meeting the varied needs of industrial, commercial, agricultural, construction and municipal applications. The services are available in bench, pillar and gang type.borewells drilling bangalore karnataka

The service covers wide range of operations such as:

  • Borewell Drilling
  • Tubewell Drilling
  • Ground Water Exploration
We are one of the leading Borewell Service Providers offering Borewell drilling in bangalore, which is a well of 61/2" to 12" in diameter drilled into the earth for retrieving water. A borewell is cased in the region of loose subsoil strata open in hard rock. We offer various depth of borewell, which can vary from 150 feet to 3000 feet. Amazing techniques using air compressors and pneumatic drilling equiptments are used to drill borewells upto 3500 feet.

We, BHAGAIRATHI BOREWELLS BANGALORE drill water wells for various purposes like residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural purpose etc.

Borewells Drilling Bangalore

  • Borewells – 4”, 6” and 6 ½”(Surface & Inwell)
  • Drilling & Grouting
  • Drilling & Blasting
  • Horizontal & Inclined Borewells
  • Micro Piling
  • Earthing - Holes

Tubewell Drilling Bangalore

We offer services for tubewell drilling with our capacity of drilled water well up to a maximum of 27 inches in diameter, and up to 600 feet depth. We cater to varied different types of drilling of varied formulations. Our organization has successfully executed work on some of the most difficult underground formations in India. With the aid of our infrastructural set up, we have executed the works in most of the areas with the maximum capacity.

Some of the jobs handled by our team includes:
Domestic tubewells up to 12” in diameter are construction and installation on site by our engineers
Pressurized water supply systems including filtration and UV treatment are available on request

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